Dell XPS 15 X15L-1024ELS Laptop (Elemental Silver)

Dell XPS 15 X15L-1024ELS Laptop (Elemental Silver)
First things first, this is a very good machine. Zippy fast, feels solid and user friendly. It is a little big, but like I said, feels solid. Buttons that light up and feel completely safe. Overall, you feel like you buy a rock solid machine that is not built with cheap materials.


1) General specifications (2nd gen core i7, 6 gb ram, 750GB hard drive) & performance.

2) the rock to build & feel (keyboard, touchpad & body).

3) User friendly for setup & use.

4) Two USB 3.0, HDMI & Bluetooth.

5) Good speakers, the best sound I ever heard on a laptop.

6) 2.0 mega pixel webcam.

7) Good deal for students with a free Xbox 360.


1) A little big.

2) Power of little bricks (but hopefully with the power needed).

3) 6-cell battery is the best ok (2-3 hours). A 9-cell is available but currently $ 179.

In short, this is not the MacBook Pro in terms of style but a great player and although it is slightly large build, the engine looks really nice & solid. It's also much cheaper than the MacBook Pro. On a side note, a little complaining about the Amazon - although the descriptions are accurate, the last of the photos show the items that Blu-Ray drive (available as an upgrade). A bit misleading, I think. Only photographs of the actual model being sold must be on the screen.

Review by Rudi C.
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